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Our Little Brewery

Our Brewery

In 2016, we launched our own brewing company, Edg-Clif Brewery (ECB).  Visitors will find 6 craft beers on tap at Edg-Clif and can do a beer tasting, just like a wine tasting. Craft Beers on tap at Edg-Clif this season include Cream Ale, Farmhouse Ale, Kolsch, Hefeweizen, Porter, IPA, Black Lager, Pilsner and Bee's Knees (Honey Brown Ale).  

Our past Brewmaster, Rachael Fry, was part of the 4th generation to work at Edg-Clif.  Rachael developed some new styles of beer for ECB, while providing very approachable and popular Ales, Porters and Lagers. She recently turned it over to our Edg-Clif Team with Jamie Blum and Cyndy Keesee heading up the Brewing Crew. Lots of great craft beers coming this year.

Craft Beers 

Craft Beers are always seasonal, some of our favorites include:

  • Cream Ale

  • Farmhouse Ale

  • Kolsch

  • Hefeweizen 

  • Porter

  • IPA

  • Black Lager

  • Pilsner

  • Bee's Knees

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